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We are all about Positive Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is the physical, emotional, and intellectual commitment that employees have toward their work and their employer, fueled by a sense of purpose, belonging, and growth.

Case 01

Case Study 1


Uwilingiyimana’s work with Collective Engagement enabled him to identify and articulate his values and skills effectively. He learned how to show up authentically to connect specifically and deliberately with his organization’s values.

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Case 02

Case Study 2

Going through the Collective Engagement framework helped Levine rebuild a sense of competency and value, giving her the confidence to move forward. She credits her changed professional outlook and approach to Collective Engagement, “The experience opened doors I didn’t know existed. It was liberating, energizing, and reassuring.”

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What are the signs and costs of a disengaged workforce? Visible signs of disengagement include an increase in silence, apathy, cynicism, negativity, rudeness, and absenteeism and a decrease in work quality, efficiency, and participation.

The CE Positive
Change Summit

The CE Positive Change Summit is a dynamic and collaborative 2-day event designed to improve employee engagement and business results. Using the appreciative inquiry model – discover, dream, design, and deliver – the summit helps identify an organization’s positive change core and turns it into strategic business systems and programs.

Participants will build relationships and cooperation across the organization, resulting in a positive impact on both business outcomes and the elevation of the human spirit.

The summit encourages meaningful engagement, discovering what gives life to individuals and the organization, and dreaming of what could be possible if cherished values are put into action. The summit is an opportunity to improve employee engagement, foster a positive culture, and move the organization towards its highest potential.

Interested parties can sign up for the sample program guide to get a taste of what the summit has to offer and see how it can benefit their organization.

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